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CVI Alarms, Calgary, Canada

Ask us for more details about promotions. Each of the following could be customizable on your particular system.


Bring Your Friend to Us

  • When you bring a friend to our company and become our customer, you will receive a 4 month FREE OF CHARGE ($80 credit) monitoring services. You could use this credit to upgrade your existing system.

When You Build Your House

  • In case of building your new house we will make sure that you will have all services up and running (prewiring, installing) for only $150.

2010 GSM Back-up Promotion

  • $200 for the GSM - ONLY $10/month for monitoring*.

* - Your GSM will be setup as backup for your phone land line.

2010 Universal Remote

  • Arm and disarm your security system.
  • Open/Close garage door.
  • LED light to see if the system is armed or not. (Ussualy installed in your garage).